Israel Begins Pre-K

Israel started Pre-K on September 9. We are really excited about his new school. He takes the school bus and it comes right to our stoop.

It is definitely weird to send your kid off to school and not know what happens during his day. There's a little notebook for communication between the staff and parents, but I don't really know when or what he's doing at school. We had a little bit of miscommunication with some of the people at UCP during the first two weeks, but thankfully everything has been worked out. 

His whole bus is filled with car seats (they provide them!) It's really cute. He has the same two people on the bus with them (a driver and another woman) and they are so sweet with Israel and he always tells them bye after he leaves.

Of course, we went to our neighborhood cookie for a treat on the first day after school!

I'm really proud of Israel and excited for him. He's in a small classroom (12 kids, 4 teachers!) and he will be getting all of his therapy at school. Edith definitely misses him during the day and we're figuring out our groove without her brother during the day. 

For the first three weeks, Israel has 3-day weeks due to holidays, so he won't have a full 5 day school week until NEXT week. I'm hoping to drop by soon to see him in action at school and meet his teachers. 


  1. this is so exciting! I'm so happy for him! I would like to join you all for a cookie treat too!


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