My Head is Spinning!

Hey friends, thanks SO much for sharing in our excitement about our upcoming move. We are so excited and expectant for this next season in our lives.

As we prepare for the move, I have to admit that Will and I are thinking non-stop about our growing to-do list. Will still has a few weeks left of our college ministry, and he wants to finish strong in his time with our students.

I am already starting to purge and sell things that we won't need... which is about 75% of our stuff. We are blessed to live in a giant 4 bedroom house right now, and we are going to downsize to a small apartment. We know that MILLIONS of people are doing that in the city right now, so it shouldn't be that intimidating, but it is! I am trying to figure out what we want to keep or get rid of, and it is overwhelming. I know that we have about 8 weeks left here, so I don't need to get rid of everything YET because we are still living here...but there is a looming list of things hanging over my head that I need to sell at some point.

The two biggest things that are consuming my mind are 1. what kind of stroller will we use and 2. how are we going to get the finances together. I know that both are going to work itself out, but it is still overwhelming. We are still working out an online giving portal. I was talking to a friend in the city yesterday and she explained how you get an apartment in the city. Basically, you hunt on zillow or craigslist, or use a realtor to find an apartment in your price range and location. Will and I are estimating that a small two or three bedroom in Bay Ridge will be about $2,000 per month (and that is MUCH cheaper than Manhattan). To actually rent the apartment we would have to pay a deposit ($2K), then first month's rent ($2K) then a broker fee, which is typically the price of one month's rent (another $2K). You can't rent an apartment until you are about to move in, so we will not really start looking until mid or late May. So by that time we need to have about $6K ready to drop on our first month's rent. AHHH. But people do this all the time?!

I remember talking to a person a few years ago that described living in New York City. He told us that if we were going to make it in the city, we had to be comfortable lighting a $100 bill on fire, because that's about how quickly it takes to run through money in NYC. This is a completely different life than our suburbs! Will and I will still be pretty tight in our money management, but we know that city life will be just a lot more expensive than what we are used to.

So... finances, strollers, selling stuff... that's pretty much what's on my mind this week. We know that it will all work out, but right here right now, I'm just a little dizzy from thinking about all of it.

**We don't have any online giving set up yet, but if you want to make a tax-deductible donation into our salary account, you can go ahead and write a check and mail it to Orchard Group with "McGee-Crossroads" in the memo line. Giving to Orchard is tax-deductible.  

The address is:

Orchard Group
928 Broadway, Suite 404
New York, New York 10010

Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and support! We're really doing this!!! **


  1. Don't worry Rebecca! It seems intimidating and it totally is but things will fall into place. It happens time and again. There is a whole team up here ready to help you move, offer tips on where/how to look, and all eager to meet the rest of your family. Email me if you want to vent about questions.


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