Easter 2015

This Easter was a nice little family day for us. We had a great worship service at church, and we were blessed to have lots of visitors come join us! I'm such a procrastinator, you guys. I didn't buy the kids Easter outfits, I was just going to pull something out of their closets. Well... my brother Daniel is so generous and he mailed the kids brand new, coordinated outfits for the kids! I opened the box Saturday night and I was just overwhelmed with such a sweet and perfectly timed gift!

We went to a lunch, where there was a bounce house! One of our college students' dad owns a business and he is very generous! He has an open lunch for those who don't have families to spend Easter with. He goes ALL out with an egg hunt, delicious meal, bounce houses and a train! It was such a fabulous event and we are so grateful for the chance to go!

We came home, the kids kind-of took a brief nap, then we loaded up and went walking on the Ladiga Trail. We stopped by the park and played for a few minutes.

Once we were home, we unloaded the Easter basket! I do a shared basket for the kids, and this year Israel got a new Learning Puppy (his current one is gross), a personalized bunny for Edie, a book about Jesus, some bubbles and a new customized family book.

Other cuteness involved Israel wearing his bunny ears for the entire afternoon, and Edith sharing a snack with her dog-dogs.

It was a great day! We woke up with the cross on our minds. What an unbelievably gracious and generous Father God is. To send a saviour for our sins, and Jesus paid our penalty when we didn't deserve it. I'm so humbled by the gift of salvation and so thankful for a day where we can celebrate what was done for us by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus!