Israel: 3.5 Years Old

This month Israel turned 3 and a half years old. I want to remember all the things he is doing and saying right now, because he seems to be changing so much these days.

Talking: Started to say "No," "want that," "Chair" (for drumset!), "bye bye car/baby/puppy," "Kickey" for Mickey, "Oh, Plop/Crap," "Uh Oh," "night night", "Nack" (snack). Also uses sign language to say "all done!" which is probably my favorite thing. He says "Yum!" and "Mmmm" when he's hungry and sees food. He still babbles a lot and I'm going to be really sad when that is gone one day, I love his little language.

Improving: He has little muscles in his legs for the first time ever! He is still a little beanpole but there's tiny little muscles where straight bone has always been. This makes me SO PROUD.  He's becoming stronger, able to cross his body with his hands to reach things and do activities. He loves to brush his teeth now and wants to do it himself. Still loves drinking out of an open cup and can sometimes use a fork and spoon to self-feed.

Moving: Walking long distances in the walker, scooting on bottom, taking & initiating steps in the walker (not just being guided or pushed anymore!) although we do use a bungee cord to pull him along. Loves sitting in a scooting toy and going fast on the floor.

Preferring: He would watch TV all day if I let him, specifically Elmo ("Melmo" or "Mo") and Daniel Tiger. Favorite toy is the Learning Puppy that sings... the same toy he has loved since he was a tiny baby. I had to buy a second one because the first one is so gross from being loved so much. If he's not playing his drums, he's wanting to jump/stand on his trampoline. It's great sensory input and he is becoming so strong! Also loves long walks in the stroller and being outside.

Sleeping: Ugh, this is the worst part right now. He's not sleeping that great at night anymore, and will wake up several times a night. We recently switched to a toddler bed and I think that's the problem. Sometimes we nap together, and sometimes he ends up in our bed in the middle of the night. Still holding on to naptime for a little bit longer, although I'm seeing that the end is near!

Least Favorite Parts of this stage: The yelling, screaming and kicking. I think this is because he can't communicate with me what he wants. He also hates shopping, so going to the store with him is really awful. Also least favorite, we are having to throw out pants all the time because he rips them from scooting. I bought about 20 pairs of shorts for the summer, so let's see how long that lasts us.

Favorite Parts of this stage: He can be so, so sweet. Still charms strangers and LOVES people that he loves. Loves to snuggle, play with long hair, give and receive kisses and hugs. He can be so silly and will show off for applause (Israel Cheer Time) and laughter. I love watching him with his friends and with his sister. He is a sweet brother and loves his family!