McGee's in NYC!

We have a new, beautiful website up and running! My husband is so talented and he built this website himself. It outlines our story, the neighborhood we are moving to, and our need for partners in this mission.

Please check out our website. We would love it if you would share it as well. We are so humbled that after the first day, several generous donors gifted us with the first two month's needs. We can move in June! We will be moving between June 7- June 14 (his first day at Crossroads is June 14). We are already seeing the Lord's faithfulness in His provision, and it is humbling and exciting. We know that we are called to this specific church in this specific neighborhood. We cannot wait to do ministry alongside the believers in the neighborhood and encourage others in the gospel. Exciting times are ahead! Thanks again for your prayers and support. We truly cannot do this mission alone. 


  1. What a great site!! We are all SO excited to get you all out here and looking at Will's site made me beam with pride for Bay Ridge and what a true blessing it is that God brought you all to Crossroads. I also can't WAIT to meet your little Israel and Edith.


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