Edie Visits Dad at Work

About once a week I try to stop by with Edith to visit Will at work. This usually happens when Israel is at therapy or school, and we are trying to fill a little time until we can pick him up. We only stay for a few minutes, but Edith starts shouting "Dada!" as soon as we pull into the parking lot. She takes off running as soon as she's out of the van and heads straight to his office. She has her favorite parts of his office - pressing the buttons on his printer, sitting in his office chair and doodling, and playing with dry erase markers on the Engage whiteboard. She is such a spunky kid and it's so funny to watch her walk confidently around the church office. I was a pastor's kid too, and I remember thinking that my dad owned the church. There's something about Edie's swagger in the office that makes me think she is a true PK too! Ha!

We love our quick visits with Dada, even if they are a bit distracting for him! Sorry not sorry Dada!