6 Week Countdown: Spending Time with friends, Purging, & Fundraising

Hi friends! Phew, deep breaths, deep breaths....

These days it is really hard to rest. Will and I realized we haven't watched TV in about 3 weeks, which is saying something, because we usually watch 1-2 Parks & Rec or Good Wife episodes at night! We are constantly going and doing, which is just a part of this season. Things with college ministry are winding down, so we are trying to soak in time with people here in Alabama. I'll do a separate post on our engageJSU endings. We love these sweet friends here in the South. We're trying to have extra play dates, cookouts, and get-togethers because we know that these relationships are so special.

I'm also purging out all of our stuff in our house. We have a yard sale in the books next weekend and I'm trying to get rid of almost everything in our house. We're majorly down sizing and I don't want to take too much stuff up to NYC and not have anywhere to store it. The first wave wasn't so tough, but now I'm starting to sell things that are more sentimental. It's hard but it will be worth it to not feel cluttered in a small space.

Finances are a continued aspect of our move. We launched our website last week, (www.McGeesinNYC.com) and we were blessed with the generosity of people in the first two days! We are at 25% of our funding needs, which is amazing! We are really hoping we can get that final 75% of the commitments in the coming weeks. Can you pray with us for partnerships?

We have just around 6 weeks left in Alabama. In two weeks, Will is going to fly up and hopefully find our next apartment! Woo hoo! I'll feel a huge relief when I can picture where we are going to be living for this next chapter. We have several trips to see family on the calendar, a wedding of a close friend, and I'm expecting a visit from a dear friend this week! Lots to be excited about!


  1. Squeee! Apartment hunting is so exciting. Where is Will staying on his visit? We have a free room he is welcome to crash. Let us know.


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