Small but Big Things

Two big things have really clicked in Israel lately. I mentioned them in this post, but I want to explain how amazing they really are.

First of all, Israel has started to reach for things. It started with reaching for me on Mother's Day, and I am so thankful for that! Now he reaches for people he wants and toys/areas of the room he wants to go to! It is SO nice to have a glimpse into what he is thinking. He isn't saying words yet, so it is great to know what he wants. I'm so thankful! We're still working on sign language but he mainly just smiles at me when I do it to him. He loves his Baby Einstein sign language video and his speech therapist works with him on signing too. Hopefully we'll have some more insight into my sweet boy's thoughts soon. He sure is vocal, for all the babbling he does! I'm sure when he finally does use words we will never stop hearing them.

Second, he FINALLY seems to have a pincer grasp! He can finally pick up small things like goldfish. It is awesome. You have NO IDEA how awesome, actually! He still needs help with meals but he is able to get some bites on his own, and that is so helpful for all of us. It is also really nice now to give him a snack and watch him feed himself. I am so incredibly proud.

I'm so proud! It is really awesome to finally see some progress in communication and self-feeding, after such a long road. It just shows that it is worth it to have hope and to trust God's timing. He's going to make progress and we are so thankful to watch Israel's story play out. To God be the glory.
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  1. I loved seeing this this morning! I've been following your journey quietly, and we are in the beginnings of the adoption process ourselves. So thankful he's making progress!

  2. Those things are HUGE! Good job Israel! He is cuter and cuter every day :)

  3. Okay I'm pretty sure that's got to be the cutest little kid that I've seen in my whole life! Thanks for doing your part in this world, and caring for those in need of care!
    Smurph Lin | single parent adoption

  4. Thanks for the post, and my partner and I are going through the adoption process right now. And it the whole process is taking a lot longer than we thought, but in the end we both know that it will be well worth the wait.

  5. Just wanted to say, again, go Israel!!!! Great job!!!!!!

  6. so thrilled to see Israel progressing in exciting ways and seeing your prayers answered! way to go big boy!


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