Date Day

I have plenty of things I need to blog about, including Edith's nursery, our sweet baby shower, a trip to the lake, etc... but first I have to tell you about the amazing day that we had yesterday.

Tuesdays and Thursdays Israel goes to daycare, and I spend that whole time doing schoolwork. Thankfully, this week is a slower week of school (after taking 3 tests + writing 2 papers last week). I still had a paper to write and a project to start, but Will and I decided to spend the day together. He took the day off of work since he was gone all last week on a mission trip. He also had to study though, so we started our day by dropping Israel off at school and heading to Panera. We had a gift card so we enjoyed a tasty breakfast and studied together! It felt like college days!

After about 3 hours of productivity we went by Target, where I found some new pjs and a robe to wear in the hospital. How is it that I never buy pajamas? All of mine seem so old and gross and I didn't want to be taking pictures in them.

After that, we went to the MOVIES yall! At 12:00! We saw the new Superman movie, which was exactly what I expected it to be... a bit cheesy, a lot of action, etc. It was just fun to be at the movies with my husband!

We finished our date day with some Starbucks and a little more studying before we picked up Israel from school. I was able to accomplish everything on my school to-do list, and Will was able to get a lot done too.

It was such a fun day and I'm so thankful that my husband truly is my best friend. It is such a pleasure to live life together, and it was really nice to have a day alone before life gets even crazier than it is now!

Have you had any date days lately?


  1. Love your blog! It was my first "adoption blog" to start reading regularly. :). My date day with DH consisted of meeting with our EMom to discuss our adoption plan. Pretty fun!


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