My Son is Awesome

So, I've fallen off the wagon of updating every month for Israel. Last we left off, he was 18 months old... but now he's a 20 month old and doesn't resemble a baby anymore. He's so big! So, here are a few of my favorite things about Israel:

  • He sings all the time. In the car, in his crib, to his hands, to the mirror, etc. He loves to sing. It is precious.
  • He makes the most amazing facial expressions! I don't know which is my favorite- the one where he leans back and makes a great double chin, or his new pout when he gets in trouble. 
  • He still has a tiny foot. Rocking the size 3 shoes and he's not ashamed of it. 
  • He LOVES his daddy and Will can make him belly laugh so easily when Will pretends to get hurt, or when Will throws a ball. 
  • Israel loves the water! Going to the pool = instant happiness. He gets bored after a few minutes so we have to rotate between splashing, playing with the sprinkler, or kicking. But all in all, it is an easy hour adventure. 
  • He wakes up SO happy. He sings and claps and kicks his mattress so the whole bed will shake. He lights up when one of us goes into his bedroom to get him up. 
  • He started reaching for us on Mother's Day. I have waited so long for him to reach for me! Sometimes it is frustrating when I need a mommy break and he reaches for me out of someone's arms... but I always take him because I want him to know that when he reaches for me, I'm his. Love this boy!
  • He loves his sippy cup. He bangs it on the high chair or table and makes some great faces when water squirts out. 

  • Apple juice is the best thing ever. He is so silly when he drinks it. 
  • He is so resilient. I can't believe all that he has been through. 
  • Israel loves to throw his toys. He will pick them up, examine them closely, then chuck them as far as he can. He constantly has a big semi-circle of blocks or balls around him from where he has thrown things. 
  • He still locks his knees when we stand him up. And he will death grip whatever (or whoever) is holding him up when he's standing. 
  • When he is really defiant and just won't keep his glasses on, he looks at whoever is around (me, Will, babysitter) to make sure we are watching him take his glasses off. Sometimes he just paws at his glasses while you tell him No. 
  • Everytime he (or anyone else) makes any bodily noises he just thinks its hilarious. If he burps or passes gas, you MUST acknowledge it or he gets really offended. 
  • He talks non-stop. His "goodagoodagooda" and "babababa" are constant.
  • He will self-feed with really big things until he gets down to whatever is left in his fist. 
  • His favorite shows are Baby Einstein and Elmo's World. Anything else brings on tears and frustration.... he knows what he wants. 
  • He thinks he is awesome when he drinks out of a cup or water bottle (with help from mommy or daddy). 
  • He loves taking walks in the stroller.
  • He will scream and cry in shopping carts with mommy... but anyone else, he just turns on the charm. I try to leave him home if I can when I need to grocery shop. 
  • He loves school and loves his teachers Ms. Mill and Miss Summer.  He's in the "tadpole" baby room now, but he's going to be moved into the "frog" room by August. 
  • He is such a good snuggler. He still loves to be rocked and will take really long naps if I lay down with him.
  • There is an 8x10 picture picture of his face close-up from when he was at Hannah's Hope on his night stand. He thinks that baby is hilarious and will sing and talk to him when we're in the rocking chair. 
  • He can turn the pages of a board book if you show him the pages, but he will very quickly shut the book if you don't watch out. 
  • Every time we change his diaper, he sticks his feet next to his face, showcasing his flexibility and giving us easy access to his diaper region. 
I LOVE this sweet boy! 


  1. Such a sweet post. Love reading about Israel!!! He is seriously so so so precious!!!


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