Pregnancy Update

So... I'm 35 weeks! Only 4 more weeks until Edith is here. Which is really awesome and scary at the same time!

I'm very ready to not be pregnant anymore. I am very swollen and not sleeping well, which is typical of pregnant women. I am definitely thankful to have been given this pregnancy experience because I know that it is not an opportunity every woman has. I am also thankful that I know my daughter is developing well and that we have not had any complications this entire pregnancy. Aside from back pains and typical discomfort, I am able to function and do life as normal... just a lot slower paced.

At this point Edith's room is completely finished, and we have done everything we need to get ready for her. The carseat is washed and ready (not in the car yet), bottles are washed, hospital bag has been packed a little, and the family has a "plan" for when baby comes.

At 35 weeks, I am well aware that Edith could be here soon. Two of my friends were due 3 days apart from me (one 3 days before me with twins, and one friend due 3 days after me) and they both had their kids on July 14.

We have officially scheduled an induction for August 13, which is when I am 39 weeks pregnant. I mentioned this before, but Will is going to be out of town for over a week until August 8, and then I start fall grad school classes on August 21. We are praying that the Lord will be gracious and sovereign in Edith's arrival! No matter what, in less than a month and life will be very different. In the next month my plan is to finish my summer grad classes, read at least ONE book on breastfeeding, and get a pedicure for my cankles and toes. :)

Any last-minute tips from veteran mamas? What are your must-haves for a hospital bag?

**It is with a sober heart that I write this update. One of my precious friends who walked along this pregnancy journey with me, and was due just days after me, has delivered her daughter and the daughter has gone to be with Jesus. I am humbled and heartbroken for this precious friend and her family. Please pray my friend and her family. I don't understand why this world is so broken and that we have to experience firsthand the sadness of loss. All I can say is come quickly, Lord Jesus.**


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    1. Good idea! I've heard it is fun to bring them in a fun pillowcase since you will take a lot of pictures with the pillow behind you.

  2. My son was stillborn on his due date (April 14th of 2012). It was totally unexpected and no reason for his death was ever found... Please know that I will be praying for your friend, praying that Jesus would hold her in His gentle hands and give her a peace in her soul even though her heart is shattered. And along with you, I too say-- come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    1. oh Julie, that is so awful. Thank you for sharing. I know that your prayers will be specifically catered to what her heart needs.


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