Edith's Nursery

Edith's nursery used to be my sewing room. I know, what a crazy idea to have a whole room dedicated to sewing/crafting. I used to be really into that kind of stuff before becoming a mom. Here are some "before" pictures:

We are so blessed by the generosity of others for providing for our needs for Edith! Here's her nursery now:

  So... the ironing board. For now it stays. When she crawls, it will go. But it is nice to have it set up all the time because Will and I used the iron very often. Edith's cloth diapers are in the white basket next to the window. I also painted the bow holder to match her bedding. I really wanted to get a pink blackout curtain but went with the green because it was more practical. I know that my kids won't always have separate bedrooms so I couldn't justify a pink curtain when a green one would be more gender-neutral for later.

 This was my dresser growing up. Edith actually only has 3 of these drawers... the rest of them house all my random home goods and craft supplies that I don't have another home for. The wire basket on the left holds blankets and hooded towels. She's got PLENTY of those! :) The green basket on top of it holds burp cloths and bibs.

 Sorry for the funky shadows from the ceiling fan light! As you can see, I kept part of the desk and covered it so I could have access to my sewing machine. I didn't want to put it up completely. The hanging pom poms are borrowed from my friend Beth. As you can see, I painted the shelves that previously hung in my sewing room to a cute shade of pink called "Daddy's Girl."

 We are borrowing this beautiful crib from some church members. Also, my sister-in-law is letting us use this beautiful Pottery Barn "penelope" bedding! I love it. I ordered the monogrammed letters online and painted them hot pink.

I don't know what to do with those cords/that TV. We aren't really tv people. But I don't want to get rid of it yet. It was in the room before when it was a sewing room. It may go. The wreath on the door is courtesy of my bff Leigh and I'm intending on making a sign with Edith's name on it to bring to the hospital. The dress on the door is probably what Edith will come home from the hospital in, if I don't forget it on the back of the door. That would be very likely to happen because I always do things like that!

So, there's her nursery! I really like it. I like the shelves and the fact that so much of what we used to decorate and prepare for Edith was given by others... such a reminder of God's faithfulness and provision.

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  1. I love it! So cute! I like how you merged both rooms.

    What I have done before is tape cords like that (with electrical tape) or you could probably find a tan color that almost matches your walls. Tape is great because it combines the cords and it hides them a little.

    Hope this helps! :)

  2. Sweet! I too had a sewing room that had to become a nursery! :)


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