Shout Out: The Parris Family

I am very pleased to introduce a precious family from our church here in Alabama, the Parris family! This family has an awesome story about how God has been preparing them for children with Down Syndrome (read below to find out!) and they just found their precious MinLan on a waiting child site. Please consider helping bring MinLan home so she can be with her family soon!

We knew God had it in His plan for us to adopt a child with Down syndrome. We had not gotten started on the process of adoption but our hearts were ready, when we found out we were expecting! 

We decided to wait until after our new baby, due in June 2012, was born and all settled in and THEN we would start the paperwork part of the adoption process.

Would you believe that when our sweet Neely was born, she was diagnosed with DOWN SYNDROME! God is so good AND we believe He has a great sense of humor! We love how HE laughs at OUR plans! His plans are so much better!

Then the question was:

Did God EVER intend for us to adopt or did He just lay that on our hearts so that we would be prepared to welcome our new biological daughter?

Then, He sent us MinLan…and we knew…he always intended for us to adopt a child with Down syndrome…..Neely DID prepare our hearts and we are ready!

You can support the Parris family in the following ways: 
1.  Check out their blog or their FB blog page to stay connected. 
2. Participate in their puzzle piece fundraiser.
3. Purchase items from their Just Love Coffee site
4. Use Jenifer's amazing design talent for your next invitation or announcement! (She does a great job- even designed our baby shower invites and Israel's birthday invitation!). Check out her shop here  


  1. This sounds a real amazing blogpost quite inspirational in regards to Adoption. Giving baby up for adoption


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