There are a lot of changes coming our way these days. I love the changing in seasons when you have such anticipation for what is ahead. Right now we're counting down the days until our community pool opens and we can truly enjoy the summertime heat!

There are other changes approaching that may be more monumental than the pool opening, ha, like my grad school beginning next week! I went to orientation last week and I'm looking forward to starting my MSW journey next Tuesday! I know this next year will be tough and it will be one of many sacrifices as we work towards this goal, but we will make it through!

This summer Will has a very busy schedule. He laughs that people assume life for a college pastor slows down in the summer, when he actually has a lot going on. He's taking a group of our students to Baltimore, and he's also got a few other trips/conferences scheduled, as well as getting our fall ministry plans outlined. He's still in school as well, pursuing his phd, and he will have another round of classes at the end of the summer that he is currently working on classwork for! He is a very busy man and I'm so proud of how hard working he is.

Israel has adjusted beautifully to being in school two days a week. The first few weeks were a little harder, but he got two happy reports last week and I'm thankful that he is enjoying his new routine. It has been a huge help to have two free days to get stuff done, and I know those two "free" days will be invaluable as I do grad school.

We're also in that funky one-nap-or-two stage with Israel, which we have been battling for a few months. I think it is time to just really commit to one nap, but goodness gracious it can be a LONG morning sometimes as he starts to melt down around 10 am wanting a nap.

In other news, my blog got another awesome makeover. My friend Leigh has taken on a new ministry/business to do blog designs as a way to support adoptive families. She is so easy to work with and gave me three design options to choose from based on my outline of preferences! Check out her work and consider supporting another adoptive family with your blog design! If you're reading this post in a reader of some sort and not directly through my blog url, then click over to check out the design! I love it.

The last few weeks have been very restful and calm and I'm so thankful for that. I know that we have a long year ahead and even more transitions to come. God has been gracious to give us a little bit of respite beforehand!

What changes are you seeing these days?


  1. Love your new design, Rebekah! Change can definitely be good and scary at the same time. The biggest changes we are going through right now is preparing our home for a little girl (at the end of this year hopefully). We are using our extra free time this summer to paint, furnish, and stock her bedroom. This is a fun and exciting change! Good luck with Grad school!

  2. New blog looks great! I'm excited for all the fun stuff you have coming up...I'm sure you'll be busy and stressed at times, but you'll make it through. :-)

  3. Your blog looks great! (The info is great, too!)

  4. Thank you for sharing this blog on adoption. Where can I find information on the whole adoption process? I would love to adopt a child one day. Thank you for your help!

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