Gotcha Day: 1 Year Home!

One year ago today our empty arms were finally filled and we were never-to-be-parted with our sweet son, Israel Biruk!

It has been such an eventful, hard, joyful, laughter-filled, silly year and we are so thankful for our precious boy! God has been SO gracious to us! We had no idea that we could love a little person so much and that our lives would be completely turned upside down! I am so thankful that Israel Biruk made me a mommy, and that we have such a spunky kid that is ours!

We really thought that we would have our Gotcha Day video to share by his 1-year anniversary, but unfortunately it's just not ready yet! Hope to have it soon :)

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary with our boy, we're headed to the beach! Can't wait to celebrate God's faithfulness together. And for those of you in the wait, I will say, time finally speeds up again once you are home with your kids. I can't believe one whole year has passed so quickly- and I remember how the days and months used to drag by for us. God is faithful, friends. He really is.


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Israel!!!! Hope you enjoyed the beach.

  2. Happy happy gotcha day! Enjoying our beach time!

  3. Suuch cute kids! Im so happy for you two! My husband and I are looking for adoption in Hamilton OH. Do you have any advice for us?


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