Beach Trip!

During the first few weeks in May, we took a quick trip to Orange Beach, AL for a little family getaway. I have been aching to go to the beach and we needed some quality family time before the chaos of the summer begins!

We got to the beach on Wednesday and it was a yucky day. We were greeted by lots of rain! After Israel's nap, we decided to do a little gotcha day celebration with a cake, but Israel was really fussy until he had a taste of the cake! It wasn't a picture perfect moment but we were still thankful to celebrate one year with our boy in our arms!

After our little mini celebration, we headed to the indoor pool, which was so great! Israel loved his float, which we got last year but didn't get much opportunity to use. He loves splashing in the water!

We spent the rest of the evening reading and listening to the ocean through the balcony, because it was raining!

Thursday the rain had let up a bit, so we decided to take Israel down to the beach and see what he thought about it. He loved the sand and loved watching the ocean, but once the water started coming over him he didn't like it anymore. The rest of the trip he was NOT a fan of the ocean water!

 We went back out to the beach later that afternoon and Israel loved the sand!

We continued the trend of resting, reading, and spending quality family time until our friends, the Pierces, joined us late Thursday night! Caleb and Elizabeth went to Auburn with us, and Caleb and Will were friends growing up. They are about to move to Dallas so it was great to spend a few days catching up with them before their next adventure!

Friday turned out to be a beautiful day, so we went to the beach again!

We went out to dinner Friday night (we ate in all the other meals - the perk of condo rental!) and Saturday morning we went to the pool one last time before we got on the road. It was a quick trip but one of complete relaxation. Israel did fantastic outside of his routine. He loved the condo because it was covered with mirrored walls- so he had plenty of opportunities to sing and wave to himself!

It was a great trip, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to get away. Love my family!


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