Happy Birth Mother's Day

Today is what is recognized as "Birth Mother's Day." This day will forever be celebrated in our home, as we think of a courageous woman in Ethiopia that we will forever be praying for daily. I hope that we will honor her in the way that she deserves.

I never thought I would think about our birth mom as much as I do. I will keep her story private out of respect for her and Israel, but I am so humbled that she is a part of our family forever. This last year, it has been so bittersweet to watch Israel grow up and to want to share each moment with her. I wish she could hear him laugh or see his facial expressions in action. I know with confidence that she loves Israel, and it is such a beautiful thing that he has two women who would do anything in the world for him, and in her case, make a tremendous sacrifice.

For all of the birth mothers out there, those who remain secret and those who have been open about their process, I want to say- I honor you. I honor you for the time that you carried a child that is no longer in your arms. I honor you for the sacrifice, the loss, the hard choices, and for the hope that you have for your children. I cannot imagine being in the position as a birth mother that does not parent her child (for so many reasons), and I pray that God gives you extended grace as I'm sure there is a part of your heart that is missing. I'm thankful that God redeems all things and I hope that for our birth mom in Ethiopia, and for those who are reading this, that God's restoring peace will bind all wounds.