Two Guest Posts regarding Special Needs

I am so excited that two of my favorite friends/bloggers are doing really awesome series on their blogs right now. Leigh has coordinated a great series on "When our Words Wound" and it has been SO informative and good. A few days ago, Jenn posted about how to talk/support families who have special need. If you are in any way connected to us or feel like you would consider yourself a part of our "circle" or "support system" then PLEASE read it! I loved her words. Check it out here.

My friend Courtney is doing a blog series called "stories of His faithfulness" and I'm REALLY excited to see what she has lined up! I posted there about how God has been faithful to us with our "surprise" special needs. If you want to read it, check it out here. I'll post the full content here in a few days.

You should follow both of their blogs and see what all is in store through their blog series (and they are both great bloggers in general, with some of the cutest little boys EVER!).