Shout Out: Meet the Grubers!

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My husband and I will be married for 4 years this May! We both have known since we were young that one of the ways we wanted to grow our family was through adoption. It was never a question for if we would, always just when? I have taken several trips to different African countries and spent time in orphanages there, I knew this is where God was calling us to adopt. Last year a month before I turned 25 we decided to start the adoption process to bring home our first child from Ethiopia! We began the process, completed our home study and requested to be matched with one child under 12 months old. We started out on 5 wait lists and as time we on we kept opening our ages up, and opened ourselves up to more than one child. 14 months into the process and 6 and a half months on the wait list and we got our much anticipated phone call...MUCH sooner than we anticipated. We thought it would easily be another 8-9 months. But since we had opened ourselves up to "older children" our wait time was dramatically decreased! We accepted the referral of two precious and adorable brothers! They are 5 and 2 years old! Boy how our plan changed!! And we are so glad it did! I wish I could share their photos here with you!

We are so thrilled and can't wait to fly to Ethiopia to meet them! Our biggest hurdle however is finances! We had applied for grants that we thought would cover the majority of our referral fee of $17,670! Well we won't find out if we get any of those until June! We thought this would be great timing but it turns out we need that money MUCH sooner to be able to be submitted to court and go meet our boys!
So we are fundraising like crazy!!! We are doing some local fundraisers, but we have a few online fundraisers as well!
1. Giveaway Fundraiser!
      We have monthly giveaways...this month is a giveaway for a Keruig, k cups, and a cute ceramic Mr. Coffee travel mug! Entering is super simple! $5= 1 entry, $10= 2 entries etc... on April 30th we will draw the winner and start  
      a new giveaway! Check out the details here!
2. We are fundraising through Ordinary Hero...we get 40% of the sales that goes straight to our agency! They have really awesome items for purchase along with items you can buy as donations to children in need, Bibles, chickens, donkeys etc! It's an awesome organization and you can check out their store here   If you decide to make a purchase make sure you Select "Gruber, Sara" at checkout!
****TODAY ONLY there is a giant contest at Ordinary Hero! You could be a part of helping us win a grant! Every sale that is made with our name chosen we will get 40% of the proceeds and if we sell the most Ordinary Hero will match our proceeds! So for example if we sell $1000 in products, we would get $400 and if we were the top family OH would match that so we would receive $800! This could be awesome in helping us raise our funds!!

3. We have a donate button on the top right of our blog for people who feel led to make a donation via paypal! We have been blown away by the generosity of others since announcing our referral! We have had donations from family, friends, friends of friends and complete strangers! Since Wednesday (April 16th) night we have raised $5,262!!! That is unreal! Today is the 22nd! Such a small amount of time! We currently still need $12,408 to be submitted to court! We know that is a huge hurdle but we are praying and we have faith that God WILL provide this remainder! We want our boys home soon!! The sooner we get the money in the sooner we will be submitted to court!
We wish we could share a full picture of them but until court this is all we can show!
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Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our story! We ask you to join us in prayer for our boys, and for us to get to them soon! You can follow our story at our blog!

Please consider shopping at Ordinary Hero today to help with our chances of winning the grant!