Israel's First Day of School

Last week, Israel started school/daycare two days a week. We have been looking forward to this for a while, because he is at school with some amazing people (his therapists and case workers who love him!) and he will be around other kids with special needs. We decided to put Israel in daycare 2 days a week a few months ago, and knew we would start when it was near time for me to start grad school. It was an unexpected blessing when our local Early Intervention program offered us two free days per week because Israel met the qualifications! We think it will be a great opportunity for Israel to be around other kids and for me to be intentional with my grad school time without being too distracted with my family time.

Israel's first day of school went really well. Of course, he was adjusting, but he did as well as he could for being away from his routine for a long period of time!

We were really thankful that two of his case workers sent us several updates throughout the day! We received a few pictures and emails/texts letting us know how he was doing. It meant so much to me to have just a little bit of reassurance that Israel was going to be okay.

I'm really excited for Israel and hope that he will thrive in his new school environment. Once again, I'm so thankful for our EI program!


  1. He looks so cute with his backpack! So glad it went well.

  2. So adorable!!!!!! So glad it's going well, I know it will so helpful when school starts for you!

  3. goodness gracious! he's the cutest thing ever! what a doll!


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