18 Months Old

Dear Israel,

Today you are eighteen months old! It kind of breaks my heart that you are getting so big! You are growing a lot right now! Your tiny foot is finally starting to grow - you're still in a size 3 shoe but you are outgrowing a few pairs. You are starting to wear 24 month pjs because you are so long! But you're still SO skinny, so you wear 12 month shorts! :)

You are so incredibly silly these days. You are the most expressive kid ever and have so many facial expressions that crack us up. You love to lean back as far as possible, raise your eyebrows and make a double chin. It is so funny! You also will play "Where's Israel?" with anything that is in front of you. If we mention the game and you don't have a bib, blanket, or toy in front of you to pick up, you look around trying to find something. You still think your dad is the funniest when he pretends to get hurt, and you will laugh so hard when he pretends to run into things.

You eat like a big kid and this month was a HUGE month with progress for you! You finally started to pick up larger things like waffles, cheese sticks, crackers and granola bars and you will self-feed. The end of the item gets a little tricky because you have squished it all up in your fist and don't really know how to open your fist to let it go. We're so proud of you though, and we are thankful for progress!

This month you stayed at both of your grandparent's houses for a few days, and you officially love your grandmothers. You couldn't be more loved, kid. Everyone around you is smitten with you and I totally see why. :)

We are so glad to be your parents, Israel. We love you so much!

love, mama