Shout Out: Abby & John!

Meet Abby and John!

We met each other in university choir -- Abby from Pennsylvania & John from Nova Scotia, Canada.  We were smitten.  And by God's grace, we knew our lives would be more usable as a team than as singles.  So we were married in 1999.  After some time in the workforce for Abby and some higher education for John, we moved to Canada.  All four of our boys were born there.  Four boys in five years.  Yes, we are very blessed.  Lots of diapers and sleepless nights back then, but that's all a blur now.

We spent nearly 10 years working in various lay capacities and full-time ministry opportunities, until God opened the doors for us to move to Pennsylvania and assume the role of senior pastor with a growing congregation.

God had placed adoption on our hearts within a year after our fourth son was born.  We began to research and pray about this possibility.  While still living in Canada, we decided to go ahead and start the process.  However, when it became clear that we would be moving to the States again, we decided to put the process on hold.  Now we are pursuing this calling again.  We are excited to see what God will do!  The next step is sending our dossier to Ethiopia.  Our boys are looking forward to a little sister!  And we are eager to share this adoption story with others, in order for them to catch a glimpse of God’s love & grace!

Our fundraisers:

Custom Pencil Portrait Raffle on our blog I’ve attached a picture “Bethany Kerr” showing her custom work.  Bethany is the artist. 

My etsy shop --  

We are an affiliate family at Once Was Lost --  -- mention our name in checkout, and we will receive 50% toward our adoption 
Once Was Lost was created by a Canadian family as they were trying to raise money for their own adoption and noticed a lack of adoption fundraising opportunities for Canadians. They knew that they wanted to help others raise support for their adoptions and after some brainstorming Once Was Lost was born.  They are currently helping Canadian and American families fundraise for their adoptions but have dreams of expanding in the future.

        Once Was Lost sells T-shirts, pillows, jewelry...

        **Every $25 spent in their store will feed a child for a week, plus support an adoption! **

  Check out their blog here:

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