Fifteen Days of Single Parenting

MY HUSBAND COMES HOME TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe I should explain. Since January 1, my husband has been gone. First, to the Passion Conference with our college students. Then he came home for a brief less-than-48-hours but was quarantined with flu-like symptoms. Then he left for 10 days for school in North Carolina.

We made it, folks. God is good.

Let me say that the past fifteen days have been hard. Sanctifying. Exhausting. I definitely have a new appreciation for full-time single moms and those whose spouses are deployed!

I don't want to just be pitiful, because I know that Will had it rough too. He was sick, having to study all day, drive 10 hours each way, and was away from his family. This is definitely a season full of sacrifices but we are positive that it will pay off one day! I'm so proud of him for pursuing his education so he can be more equipped to serve our church.

I want to give a very special shout out to a few people who kept me sane: my girl Makenzie who drove from Nashville to stay with me for a few days, my in-laws who let me and Israel come stay for a few days (and who graciously helped me with Israel!), and my friend Brittany who let me have several play dates! Also a huge thanks to our friends the Talberts who hosted Will for so long and took care of him! I am so thankful for a fabulous support system.

And my reward for single parenting? A date night Saturday and the Created for Care conference in a week! Whoop whoop!