A Very Spoiled Weekend

This weekend I have been VERY spoiled. And I don't hate it.

Friday morning my parents called to see if I could meet them in Oxford (30 minutes drive for me, 1.5 hrs for them) to take me to lunch and shopping! Israel and I loaded up and we thoroughly enjoyed the veggie plate from Cracker Barrel (I can never decide on which sides to get, thus the veggie plate!). Afterwards, mom & dad got me some new clothes, which was so generous!

That evening Will, Israel and I drove to Gadsden to meet his parents for dinner (45 minute drive for us, hour drive for them) to do a truck switch-off because Will's dad graciously lent Will his awesome truck to drive to North Carolina for school. We had a delicious dinner and Israel loved seeing his other set of grandparents in the same day! And by some great miracle, Israel slept the whole drive home! He never falls asleep in the car seat. We ended the night with a Redbox movie at home, and still managed to get in bed early!

Saturday, we lounged, we took about an hour long family walk, and then we went on a DATE!!! Before Will even returned earlier this week from his trip, I asked our favorite babysitter/college student Elaina to watch Israel for us Saturday night. Israel loves people in general, but there are a few people that he REALLY LOVES, and Elaina is one of those. While Elaina and Israel played, Will and I had a fancy date night out courtesy of some generous gift cards! We had a four course dinner at Olive Garden (dont judge) and then did some shopping at baby Gap- all free for us thanks to the generosity of others.

Basically, this weekend has been a blessing because of our amazing support system. I can't express enough how amazing it is to have our parents close by during this season. It's also so reassuring to have people love us and love Israel so well. If we didn't have the eating out, shopping, etc but just had the knowledge of how loved and supported we are, we'd feel just as spoiled.


  1. I just stumbled across your blog, and I noticed in one post you mentioned Anniston, hmm I know where that is! Then as I read this one, you mentioned Gadsden, which is where I live! Small world!


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