Fifteen Months!

Dear Israel,

Today you are fifteen months old! It seems like you just got so much bigger this month. You're so funny right now. You are so expressive and silly and have definite moods. You throw your head back smiling and squint when you are really proud of yourself and you have a definite lip pucker when you're upset. You keep us on our toes for sure!

This month we've seen a bit more disobedience, especially when it comes to taking off your glasses. Sometimes it seems like I am saying "Don't touch glasses!" over and over and over again. It is not my favorite part of parenting, but hopefully one day you will leave them alone because I think it is part of my sanctification process, ha! You will put your arm in the air next to your head and watch me until I see you and then slowly reach for the glasses to pull them down. It is a big game to you that I don't think is as funny as you think it is.

You are playing more with your toys and that is really fun. You got a lot of new toys for Christmas and you are trying new things with your hands. We've had a lot of play dates this month and it is really sweet to see you start to interact with others. Typically you are just an observer but you're starting to touch others and play a little too. Your friend Hewan came and stayed for a few days and after the second day you started to respond to her affection and even played with some toys together. We're hoping these play dates will do a lot of things for you, including motivate you developmentally!

You are eating like a champ, as usual, and have successfully mastered the sippy cup! I'm so proud of you! First the bottle, and now the cup- you are holding it and picking it up repeatedly to put in your mouth. It may not seem big but it is, darling, and we are so thankful for progress.

We started back to physical therapy this week after about a month's break and you did awesome! I think the break was good for you because you came back and had just a few tears for Miss Jill. You're bearing weight on your feet so much better and have such great core control now. I have high hopes that you will crawl and walk this year.

This month you were sick a lot. You had an ear infection and a cold and it was miserable! You were pitiful and there were many times I said "I don't know what to do!" which I'm afraid I've said quite a few times since your arrival into our lives. But this month, it seemed that I was at a loss on comforting you when you were sick and unhappy. Thankfully you seem to be better now! If we could just finish teething then I think we'd be just fine :).

We saw a lot of family this month due to the holidays and you were out of your routine a good bit. I still don't know what to do with your nap schedule because you are not consistent at all. Some days you are desperate for a nap by 8:30 am and then some days you don't want to nap at all. This month your dad was gone for a good bit due to a conference and classes in another state; I can tell that it really messed you up. You missed him so much!

Your favorite things right now are your Baby Einstein words dvd, your yellow toy with gears that you spin, drinking out of your sippy cup, being in your Johnny Jump Up (not jumping really- just spinning) and playing your piano at the same time, banging toys together, and singing/clapping.

Although you're not mobile, you are keeping me busy son! You are so fun and we just can't get over the fact that you are so precious and that you are OURS forever! We love you!