Created for Care.... this weekend!!!!

I cannot say enough that I am EXCITED EXCITED EXCITED about going back to Created for Care this weekend. Created for Care is a "retreat" for women who are passionate about orphan care/adoption/foster care and is a beautiful gospel-filled, community-filled weekend. This is my third time going (yeah, spoiled!) and I'm looking forward to it so much! I have three fabulous roomies and I can't wait to spend time with them and all the other friends that I have grown to love and respect. Some I've never met in person!

But I have to admit something... I'm also a little intimidated! It's like going into summer camp in a way. It is a big reunion for some and it is also a little scary too. I am a closet introvert and actually pretty shy. I put on a brave face but I get all sweaty and nervous when I walk into a big room filled with 400 women who seem to know each other. So if you see me... say hey! I'm nervous too :)

It's the second time I've left Israel, and I must say that I'm not really nervous about it, ha! After two weeks of single parenting, I'm happy to pass the torch to my husband so he can have a weekend of quality time with Israel!

So... who's going to be there too? Leave a comment with your blog so I can memorize your faces, ha! :)


  1. SEE YOU IN THREE DAYS!!! oh my goodness. too excited to even say.

  2. I'm nervous too!! I'll say hi to you... I guess I should since we'll be right next door to one another ;)

  3. I am nervous too!! I can't wait to see you and I am so glad I switched to January so we could catch up!! See you soon!!!

  4. I will be there. Looking forward to it! (And I get the intimidating comment!)

  5. Hey Rebekah! I am good friends with Sarah Rice! She sent me your blog address when we were in the middle of our adoption process! I will be at created for care this weekend for the first time! I'm really excited! I will be sure to say hi if I see you! My blog is


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