Social Media Explosion

In taking inspiration from a fellow mama blogger, I'd love to expand the social media interaction around here. I have made some amazing friendships through this blog community and I'd love to connect with you readers more.

Here are a few ways to connect!

Instagram or Twitter: follow me @rebekahmcgee
(Although I am really a twitter novice- not quite sure how to work it!).

Facebook PAGE: "Saying Yes to Adoption" - like the page! Meet fellow readers! Let's encourage each other in our faithfulness to say YES to what God's calling each of us to!

Blog: You're a winner, you've already got this one down if you're reading this! Click the "follow" tab on the right side of the page to have the posts sent directly to your blog feed. (Not sure what I'm talking about? Try "Google Reader" for gmail users!

Looking forward to connecting more ;)

There are some exciting things coming up this year! Can't wait to share and to work together to live faithfully in saying YES to what God calls us to!


  1. LOVE his little glasses! SO cute!! I want to pinch his little cheekers! :)

  2. How about CUTENESS explosion! Israel is darling in his glasses!


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