On November 13 (a month ago- yikes I'm behind on blogging!), we went to court for Israel's readoption hearing. Readoption procedures vary from county to county and state to state. In Calhoun County, AL- they made a point to tell us that this was just a simple photo opportunity and that Calhoun County views Israel's adoption as fully complete from our Ethiopia court date.

The real reason for Israel's readoption hearing was to legally change his name, and to get American paperwork to coincide with his Ethiopian paperwork (birth certificate, adoption decree, etc) because we only have ONE original copy of the Ethiopian paperwork, and Almaz made it clear to us that it would be almost impossible to get additional original copies.

The hearing lasted just a few minutes. Present were my Mother-in-Law (not pictured), our attorney, his paralegal and the Judge.

I'm glad that we are officially finished with Israel's adoption paperwork (we still have post-adoption reports to do... for the next 18 years). 


  1. Wow, I have never heard of this part of the process. We are still in the praying part of our adoption, but it is nice to know what we can expect.


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