Fourteen Months!


Today you are 14 months old! You are such a blessing and we have been told all month long by family and friends that you are the "sweetest baby" ever. We are so proud of you.

You cut your fourth tooth on Thanksgiving Day. You now have two top and two bottom teeth, with two more teeth on top coming soon! You are eating all table food but you still have a sensitive gag reflex, so things have to be cut up pretty small. You will eat anything! We had a rough month with some potty issues. We are trying to figure out if you have a lactose problem so we're switching up your milk for bottles. Aside from making faces at the new milk flavor, you don't seem to mind.

You just finished your PT at the outpatient office for the year. We've really loved Miss Jill and Miss Susan who have worked so hard with you! They have become dear friends to me. I'm not sure what the plan will be in the coming months but we are going to continue to work hard on your physical development. You are making huge strides in your muscle development, and will stand for a few minutes and will even push up on your feet now when we're trying to get you to stand up! You push up on your arms every time we do tummy time. At night, when you're laying on your back in your crib, sometimes you will have rotated around the entire crib and will wake up in completely opposite corners, facing opposite direction of where we laid you down at night!

Regarding sleep, you've continued to be a great sleeper! You sleep around 11-12 hours at night. You are still taking two naps a day, the morning nap lasting between 30 minutes - an hour and the afternoon nap lasting up to two hours sometimes! I remember those first months where you NEVER slept more than 25-40 minutes and I'm so thankful that you are a good napper now!

We have been a lot of places this month and you've been out of your routine a lot. Thanksgiving we went to Gran and Bowie's house for lunch, then spent a few days at GaGa and Pop's. You and Lottie played together! We had a date night out one night and your favorite friend Elaina kept you! She even put you to bed - she's the first non-family person to babysit you while you were awake. You love the college students in our ministry and have certain ones that just make you smile so much. You were present at a few college ministry events this month and you made your presence known by showing off your yelling, clapping, and smiling tricks.

You still love your musical puppy, but this yellow toy with gears that turn is your new favorite. You will play with that for hours! You also love your rocking giraffe and the Baby Einstein movies that you watch. You will be mesmerized in front of them! So far you've seen "Meet the Orchestra" and "First Words" and you love them both. You will giggle at the puppets on the screen. You are babbling all the time! You still only say "mama" and "dada" (and maybe GaGa?) but that doesn't stop you from chatting all the time. We hope we can understand what you're saying soon!

This month you have grown so much. You're now wearing 18 month clothes (still 12 month tops) and you just LOOK big now. You are not a baby anymore! You still have ridiculously tiny feet, wearing sizes 2-3 shoes. You still wear the shoes that we brought you home in 7 months ago!

Speaking of 7 months, you have now been WITH us longer than you have been WITHOUT us! We are so thankful for that. We seriously cannot imagine life without you. This month we had a few moments away from you and we couldn't stop talking about you every time. You're a part of us, sweet one. We love you so much and we are so thankful to be your parents. Over a year ago we received a referral for a tiny Biruk, and we are so glad that our bubbly Israel Biruk is finally home.

With so much love for you,



  1. This is one of the sweetest letters I've ever read, Your love comes shining through! :)


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