2012 Recap

This past year had a lot of high highs and some low points too. Here's a month by month:

-This was an agonizing month as we waited for court news in Ethiopia.
-We celebrated the wedding of some dear friends, the Sommers.
-We went to the Passion Conference with our college students.

-We went to the Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville (more keeping busy!).
-Held a yard sale for our adoption and had a baby shower!
-Finally having court news, we were busy packing for ET!
-Celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a cute dinner where Will got our college students to serve us dinner & set up our wedding video on a big screen.

-We went to Ethiopia and met our son! We passed court!
-Left our son in Ethiopia, probably the worst moment of my life.
-Will was ordained.
-I went to the Created for Care retreat (side note: can't wait to go back this January!)

-Tried to keep busy as we waited on Embassy news.
-Went to Carowinds for my birthday.
-Finally got embassy clearance, so we started packing for ET again!
-Went on one last date to the Atlanta Braves!

-Returned to ET, Israel Biruk was in our arms forever.
-Came home, celebrated with friends and entered the "cocoon".
-Didn't get any sleep for the next four months, but we had a cute kid who made it ok.

-Started to venture out with Israel and introduced him to family.
-Still no sleeping, starting to feel a little isolated!
-I went with a college student to watch another one of our students in the Miss Alabama pageant!

-Spent a lot of time playing outside and at the pool!
-Israel started physical therapy- Israel started sitting up.
-Got first family photos taken!

-Went to NC for Will's school, got to see our friends from Raleigh. During our trip Israel had febrile seizures and was admitted to a Children's Hospital. 

-With college students being back in town, we were busy busy!
-Lots of playing and physical therapy for Israel.

-Celebrated Israel's birthday with family.
-Went to a wedding for our friends from college.
-First family vacation! Went to Georgia. 

 -Israel got glasses.
-Went on our first date with a non-family member babysitting Israel.
-Will and I took a special trip to talk about our future.
-Spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Will's family.

-Had lots of Christmas adventures!

Overall, a lot of this last year was a blur and it almost seemed impossible to say what we DID each month. It just went so fast. The day to day life isn't necessarily eventful or blogworthy, but the big picture has been one of grace and blessing. There was a lot of pain in the last year- from waiting to have our son, to dealing with adjustment when he came home. We're so glad that Israel's little heart seems to be healing from all of his transitions. For myself, this last year was probably the loneliest I've ever experienced. I'm not sure if it is just being a full time SAHM or pastor's wife? I'm hoping this next year brings deep community and that I can have contentment either way.

Looking ahead, I hope this next year is marked with lots of developmental milestones for Israel. I anticipate more therapies and intentional activities in our daily life. I hope that our home life provides a great environment for Will to thrive in his ministry and school. I hope that I can set and reach some personal goals that give me some achievement and purpose. Also, I hope that I become a better mother and wife. So much growth is needed in my heart!

What about you? Any big themes from the last year? Hopes for the next?


  1. What a year for you guys! Praise the Lord for bringing Israel home and healing his heart. A big theme for us...seeing God's might in how He brought A-man home.

    Next year, praying that the Lord leads us somewhere full time and that I would be content wherever that would be.

    Oh, and love you friend. Can't wait for C4C either!!!

  2. Hi! I've been reading your blog for awhile (I stumbled onto it from another friend's page), so I thought I should finally "introduce" myself. :) My husband and I (along with our little boy) have recently started the adoption process using Lifeline Children's Services. We are hoping to (Lord willing) bring home a little boy or girl through the China special needs program! It is so encouraging to read other people stories who have walked the adoption path before. Thank-you for sharing your journey it is an encouragement! Please feel free to follow along with our adoption journey as well! http://aswegrowinhim.blogspot.com/
    Blessings to your sweet family!

  3. Hi! It looks like you guys have had a busy and crazy year. Even though some of it was hard, God ended up giving you a bundle of joy! He is so cute! I adopted a boy from Russia a couple of years back and am so glad God allowed me to adopt him!


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