Israel's Glasses

You know I've been slowly catching up on blogging because I have neglected to formally introduce you to the cuteness that is Israel Biruk in glasses!!

Israel received his glasses on November 1, and it was truly amazing to see him light up the second they were put on his face. He started clapping and smiling immediately.

In early October, we started to see that Israel was constantly rubbing his eyes. At first, we thought it was because he was tired- but he was doing it at times that I knew he wasn't tired. Then, he started crossing one of his eyes. We asked our pediatrician and were referred to the eye doctor. Our pediatrician also noticed the "eye patching" that Israel was doing, as well as one of our therapists. It's great to have a support system to help us stay on top of Israel's care! The eye doctor affirmed that Israel had some eye problems, and we found out that he was farsighted, which means he has trouble seeing up close.

I've been asked several times how the doctor knew what his prescription was. They dilated Israel's eyes, then shone a flash light in them. He held up several lenses and looked at Israel's eye through them with the flash light. He has different prescriptions for each eye!

So far he's been doing GREAT with his glasses. We got the Mira Flex glasses that are "indestructible" and have a strap on the back so they will stay on. He typically doesn't take them off, unless they are shifted and not on his face right. He will also take them off if the sun is in his eyes. I was bragging to my mother-in-law just a few weeks ago that we really haven't had to do much disciplining with Israel because he's not moving around to get into stuff. Well, I spoke too soon because the next day he started defiantly pulling them off! He will look at me and then slowly reach up and get them. Sometimes a firm "No" will upset him, but sometimes it just makes him laugh. Ugh, so it begins.

I have to say, we have always thought he was incredibly cute, but the glasses just put him over the edge of cuteness!! We love them.


  1. He looks so adorable in his glasses. Love them!

  2. I agree, he does look adorable! And now him & daddy kinda match! :)

  3. Rockin' the glasses like his dad. Awesome. :)

  4. I'm a long time lurker and just now commenting- the glasses are adorable!! I'm friends with the Bufkins- I think you met them on your first trip to ET, so i've kept up with your blog through hers.

    I've loved reading your family's story. I'm a social worker too- I'd love to hear how it is being an adoptive parent and a social worker. My husband and I are planning to adopt, but we've only been married 3 months so just not yet. :)


  5. He really is adorable in those glasses!

  6. LOVE Israel's glasses!!! My two year old wears glasses, and the cuteness is almost too much! Israel looks ADORABLE in them!!!!


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