Christmas Recap

I love December. I love the anticipation of Advent and the general cheer that everyone has. I love the decorations and movies and parties.

Here are a few of our Christmas activities:

  • Scottsboro Christmas Play- This was our second year to visit Will's parents' church to watch their annual Christmas Dinner Theater. This year was extra special because my father in law WROTE and directed the play! It was awesome! We were so thankful to get the opportunity to go. 

  • Meeting Santa- We didn't do any "santa" in our house this year, but there were two photo opportunities for Israel to meet Santa, and I was shocked that Israel did so well on his lap. No tears at all! 
  • Christmas Parade- this was technically at the end of November, but our little small town had a cute parade, complete with Shriners and a Confederate Soldier group (what??). Israel loved the lights and the bands!

  •  College Christmas Parties- My husband is a college pastor at our church, and we hosted quite a few gatherings! Israel made appearances at several of them, and even matched his daddy once. 

  •  Classic Christmas Movies- this year we watched "the Nativity Story" with our small group, "It's a Wonderful Life" with some of our college couples, and "Home Alone" outside via projector during our college Christmas party. It was fun to share those movies with friends. 
  • McGee Christmas- Will's family came down to our house the Saturday before Christmas, when we exchanged gifts and ate a ton! My favorite part was watching our niece Lottie and Israel play together. Can't wait to meet our newest niece this spring- it is going to be even more fun next year with more kids!

  • Christmas Eve Service- this is a tradition I love, because my family always participated in Christmas Eve services growing up (my dad is a pastor). This year I participated in the handbell choir! Israel sat with us in the pew with us and even let out some of his own musical notes during the service (he's rarely quiet!). 

  • Christmas in Opelika- after the service on Christmas Eve we drove to Opelika, my hometown, and stayed two days with my family. My sister and her family came down on Christmas night, and we had a great time celebrating Jesus with our family! We also had separate girls and boys outings to see Les Miserables (which was amazing). It was a full house with lots of excitement, and we were exhausted by the time we drove home, ha!  
  • Christmas Sickness- ok this is not a fun update, but we spent a good bit of December under the weather! In fact, we're still not 100%. Between teething, stomach bugs, ear infections, head colds, and carsickness, we have had our share of yucky moments. I must say that the strongest one of the bunch is definitely my husband! He has shown such sacrificial service even when he hasn't been feeling good himself. I don't know what I would do without him.
  • The gifts- Israel was given SO much for Christmas! Our family was so generous to spoil him (and us!) that Will and I haven't even given Israel his three gifts from us yet. We decided to just wait until Ethiopian Christmas (Melkam Gena) which is on January 7th!
How was your Christmas Holiday?


  1. I love Israel's expression/pose in the second Santa picture.


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