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Today is a special day that I've never taken the time to acknowledge before. World AIDS day. You see, up until this year I never knew anyone who had HIV/AIDS personally. I used to be one of those ignorant people that thought HIV was someone's fault (I cringe typing that- but this is how I used to be). I thought that if people just didn't do drugs, didn't have unprotected sex, etc, that no one would have it. But there's a problem with that thought. What about the babies who are born with HIV?

The reality for me happened when I had friends who were adopting truly precious kids who were HIV positive. They were NORMAL kids - completely loveable, adorable kids who desperately needed families. Not just to thrive- but to LIVE. Did you know that HIV is completely manageable here in the US? That kids with HIV with viral loads in the millions while in orphanages, can have completely UNDETECTABLE HIV status here in the US with medicines? Did you know that undetectable status means that there is less than 1% chance of transferring it to another person? Did you know that those with HIV who have access to medicine can live normal, long lives? Amazing.

Our friend's daughter who is HIV positive- we met her at Hannah's Hope in March. How could you not love this doll face?

The same sweet baby girl, for Halloween at home in the US. Her mama is awesome for making this Star Wars themed costume.

When we were in Ethiopia on our first trip, we fell in love with some girls who were HIV positive. When we got home and found out that they were waiting children, we asked if we could adopt those girls. Seeing their faces and falling in love with them made us realize that age, HIV status, etc could not stop us from wanting them to be in a loving family. God had another family for them, but that sparked a desire in us to one day adopt children who are HIV positive (and to talk to our other adopting friends about the truth behind HIV positive kids).

I'm reminded of this passage in John 9:1-3

"As he (Jesus) went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”
 “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him. "

The man was BORN blind, not as a result of sin, and it occurred "so that the works of God might be displayed in him." Just like the kids who are born with HIV! So now that we have established that having HIV is not necessarily because of someone's sin, let's figure out HOW exactly people get HIV.

You can get HIV through the following ways (and ONLY the following ways): sexual contact, IV drug use through the sharing of dirty needles, and mother-to-infant (during pregnancy, birth, or breast- feeding).

HIV CANNOT be shared through touching, kissing, hugging, living together, contact with bodily fluids such as tears, snot, feces or urine. If someone is not born with HIV (to be born with it, the mom would have HIV and it would be contracted during birth through the vagina), then it is 100% preventable.

If you adopt a child with HIV, your family life will continue to be normal! Aside from medications taken twice daily, and doctor visits every so often, you can continue to parent your HIV kids just like your non-HIV kids. You don't ever have to fear that they will transmit the virus to each other as long as they are not sharing needles, having sex, and breast-feeding each other (not typical family activities for anyone, I would think!).

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Please, educate yourself and share the news that HIV is manageable, preventable, and that the kiddos who have it desperately need families. These are not kids that deserve to be isolated and never adopted. These kids need someone who will step out and advocate for them- or they will die. Will you step up?  Will you advocate? I have ignored this day for too long and I'm sure some of you have too.


  1. I LOVE this post!! Thank you for sharing this important information!!! Get the truth out there!!

  2. Love you friend, thanks for spreading the truth!

  3. Love you friend, thanks for spreading the truth!


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