Six Month Post Adoption Visit

Today we had our six month post adoption visit with our social worker. Although we haven't been home 6 months yet, the report is due to Ethiopia at our 6 month mark (November 5) so we had to do our visit early!

It was a very easy visit, we just talked about Israel and how he is doing and adjusting. We talked about all of the cute things he is doing and what his routine is. Our social worker agreed with the way we are choosing to be selective about people holding him and about going out too much.

Israel was a ham (as usual) and showed off his clapping skills and big smile for our social worker. He is such a precious baby!

I'm thankful that the Lord has done so much in Israel in the five months that he has been with us; we are so proud of our son and thankful to be his parents.


  1. I am so glad everything is going well! I've been reading your blog for the past couple months, and it is so sweet! Danny Franks reccomended it to me because we are in the process of adopting too. I feel like I know you!


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