My Favorite Things (6-9 Months)

I've gotten a few requests for some of my favorite baby things we've had. I figure this will change as Israel grows, so here are a few of my favorite things while he was 6-9 months old. During this season he was just beginning to sit up, and wasn't crawling or being mobile.

1. Ergo. I also have a Moby and a Seven Slings but the Ergo was the easiest and best support for him at this stage. He was in the Ergo DAILY. It was great for building attachment and allowing us to go out in public (grocery store, church, etc) without him being too overwhelmed because I was so close.

2. Video Baby Monitor. We have a great one- Summer brand - and it makes it so much easier to not guess at whether or not every little noise was him actually being awake or just tossing a bit.

3. Cloth Diapers and all that cloth diaper goodness. I dedicated a whole post to it- read that here. I hate, hate, hate it when we have to use disposables. Cloth is better.

4. Something to keep him entertained when he wasn't quite sitting up yet. Aka: bouncy seat, exersaucer, bumbo... He doesn't really use these anymore but for the first 2 months of his residence here, these were LIFESAVERS when I needed to shower or be productive and I wasn't wearing him. He used these for such a brief period, and I'm thankful that all were given/loaned to us and we didn't have to spend money on them. He didn't necessarily need all 3- so if you are looking to save space/money just invest in one of them!

5. Noise machine and his Baby Einstein cd. Makes traveling easy because he would sleep anywhere as long as the ocean could be lulling him to sleep :)

6. Travel high chair. We were on the road a few times and this was really handy!

Israel didn't need a lot of toys during this season- the same few blocks/balls kept him entertained, mainly because his hands were more appealing to him!

I would say to other first-time parents to non-newborns: start simple! The best thing for baby is contact with mom & dad, not necessarily all the frills and toys. Save your gift cards and get stuff that you later find out you REALLY need, or just borrow stuff!


  1. Great info! Thanks for posting such helpful thoughts!


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