Lazy Mama

Ok this is not comfortable to write... but in full disclosure I suppose it is healthy to put my junk out here for accountability purposes.

I'm not the mom, wife & Christ follower that I desire to be.

And I want to change that! Now, first of all let me say that there is a reason for my recent slump: LAZINESS! I have not been disciplined for way too long. And I feel weary/ exhausted. Because I have been relying on my OWN strength, and not the Lord's. And I have had my priorities all messed up.

Let's look at a few areas, shall we?

1. Physical Health. I know I did not technically carry my baby, but I think I did in fact gain some "adoption babyweight" from all the stress eating I did. One thing I'm starting to do to counter this is running. I'm in week 5 of "Couch2FiveK", which I completed last year so I know I can do it! Will is determined to keep me in shape this time, and is already planning my race schedule, ha! I'm so thankful for him though- he even got us an amazing jogging stroller so it is much easier for Israel and I to go running. Israel loves being outside, and I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after each little workout.

2. Spiritual Health. I have been trying to draw on my own "fruit" without accessing the fruit of the spirit, if you know what I mean. I'm hoping to counter this by reminding myself of the gospel (Christ has accomplished everything that I need by the cross + there is nothing I could do to remove myself from His good standing, because my good standing comes from Jesus + God will supply everything I need if I just ask), memorizing more scripture so I can recall the Truth in the dark times, and remembering to pray more! Of course I will fail again and again, but thankfully in my weakness, Christ is made strong!

3. Community Health. I have been a bit lonely lately and I think that has to do with me not reaching out for community. I'm really excited that we are starting a new small group this week for couples, and I'm also beginning a study with my college girls. I'm hoping it provides the transparency + accountability + community that I desperately need right now! Many times the days seem to be long and quiet (well not when Israel's awake ha!) and I need to remind myself to just pick up the phone, call my friends, head to the park, etc. This extrovert needs friendship in a tangible way.

So here's to getting over laziness and insecurity! Who's with me?


  1. ME!!!!! I feel you on all levels!

  2. I'm starting the C25K this week! Excited and nervous :-) The other night I tried to just run as long as I could and only lasted 10 minutes (embarrassing!). Hope the Couch to 5K will help me build up my stamina. Any advice?

  3. Amen, sister! So thankful for your transparency, and right there with ya! This is a hard season where it seems easy to disappear from accountability. Thanks for posting this, you've held me accountable with your willingness to be honest and real. Thank you, friend!


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