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I am so, so excited for my friend Laura as she begins a new ministry here in Alabama! Laura is a fellow AGCI Ethiopia mama, one of my Created for Care roomies last year, and a local friend (she is in Gadsden, AL). Laura recently had a vision to help support some amazing ministries that work hard to support workers and orphans in Africa. She is now doing "house parties" to sell these goods. The amazing thing is that you don't have to guess if you will like the stuff based on a catalog or website, you can touch and feel and immediately take home what you like!

Here is an excerpt from Laura's blog:

"Rooted in Love partners with gospel-centered fair trade organizations to provide meaningful shopping opportunities to women locally, and to support and encourage families worldwide. Our shopping experiences are provided through home parties and local craft shows.

Meet our partners:

1. Back to Africa - jewelry handcrafted in Kenya & Uganda

2. Connected in Hope - scarves handcrafted in Mt. Entoto, Ethiopia

3. Tukula - bags and headwraps handcrafted in Jinja, Uganda

4. Ergon Handicrafts - cards and journals handcrafted in Delhi, India

All these organizations offer the ability to purchase their goods online - which is great! Unfortunately, that only reaches a certain population of shoppers. Rooted In Love has a passion to increase the market for these products all while "telling the story of these ministries." A Rooted In Love home party offers you the opportunity to hold these items, try them on, purchase, and take them home with you immediately! We do not have catalogs or order forms, all of our inventory travels with us to your home, and you leave with your items. Our home parties also make for a fun and meaningful girls night out!

Reasons/Excuses/Opportunities to have a party:
1. Offer your friends a meaningful shopping experience and give them the chance to "give twice"
2. A birthday celebration - Tired of eating out every year for your birthday? Host a Rooted In Love party for your friends.
3. A church women's ministry event, Home Group, or Sunday School party
4. A holiday shopping party - before Christmas or Valentine's Day
5. A simple desire to join us in our effort to share the story of these ministries

We don't boast great hostess incentives, we are just looking for people who have a passion for the gospel and the nations. The church, as a body of believers, is often described as a nation within the nations.  We believe that Rooted In Love and its partner ministries connect believers in the US with believers all over the world. As you see from the scripture in Ephesians, Christ's love is not limited to certain areas. His love is wide, long, high, and deep. It's available to ALL who call on His name, and it is often presented in many different ways.

We are brand new and exploring our opportunities. The more home parties we have, the more we are able to invest back into these ministries and hopefully expand our reach. Our vision extends to include future partnerships with local ministries as well!

 Here are a few pics of our display:"

I'm hosting a party here in Jacksonville, AL on Sunday October 21 to get a head start o Christmas gifts (Email/message if you want to come!). If you are interested in booking a party contact Laura at llswann @ ! 


  1. Man!!! I wish I could do one, but I'm in Oklahoma :(
    I would do this in a heartbeat. Haha, does she want to spread it to an Oklahoma chapter! If so, I am in!!!!

  2. I would love to order a scarf or two! Does she have a link where I can purchase something? I would love to do a party but I'm in South Carolina :(

  3. Hi Jenny! Bekah told me about your comment, I am the one who started Rooted In Love. I can email you (if you want to post your email on here) or just shoot me an email and we'll see what we can work out!


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