Dyker Heights Lights

Sunday night we went with two other families on a walking tour of Dyker Heights, a neighborhood just one-over from us in Bay Ridge. A recent "Time Out New York" article was posted about this neighborhood - check it out


Aimee and Jennifer have become good friends for me! I'm so thankful for their friendship this year. They have super fun kids that my kids adore too!


What a difference a year makes. This time last year we came and had NO IDEA what the year would bring.


Many of the lights displays were the same from last year but it is always fun to walk around and see them. It's crazy to think how... financially different... the situation can be just a few blocks away from us! Ha! NYC life.




It was a really fun tradition and I'm glad we went before it was too late. I walked over 5 miles Sunday - but that didn't seem to get baby moving, I'm still pregnant! :) Thankful to make sweet holiday memories with my family of four!