First Time at the Movies!!

Our kids had big milestones this month! First times at the movies!

Edith's friend Mila had a birthday party at the movies and a bunch of friends from church got together to see Moana. I took Edith and she had a BLAST at the movies. She sat next to her buddy Zain and loved interacting with him. She really did a great job being quiet during the movie and she loved the music. 


She loved the Popcorn! She ate almost an entire large bag of popcorn!

She loved holding her goody bag! 

When Will's family came in town December 2, we took the kids to see Trolls. It was Israel's first movie. It was a few weeks after the movie came out, so there was only one other family and one adult in the theater!!

Israel sat behind us with his Pop and Gaga. He danced with his puppy the entire movie! I was so proud of him.

It was a fun experience with our kids and I'm thankful that we can do this type of thing now!