Welcome Baby Brunch

 The lovely ladies at my "Welcome Baby Brunch" in early December. My friends (pictured below) Andrea, Emily and Erica hosted this shower for me and it was so perfectly detailed and just what I wanted. We played a few games (Mad Libs and a pacifier group game!) and had a long time to socialize! We didn't do gifts but there was a box where people generously gave to our "baby fund" and we were blown away and humbled by the generosity of our support group!! Thank you all!

They decorated the office space so cute!

Amazing homemade suckers by Jennifer:

Nancy and Cathy won the "guess how many" skittles/m&ms bottle game:

Pacifier game: 

Another fun perk was that I got to take the decorations home! This baby isn't getting a full-fledged nursery but we spruced up a corner of our bedroom for her to sleep in until she moves into the room with Edith!

So, so thankful for my Crossroads family. For their generosity and care for us, and for taking the time to make me feel loved and special! I love "women's events" and this was such a treat for me! I looked around the room at the shower and knew that if the baby came and our family from the South wasn't here in time, there was a group of wonderful stand-in women that could come and watch my older babies and help us out as needed! I'm so thankful for a community of women that I care for dearly and that has made us feel rooted here in Brooklyn.