Snow Day for Edith!

A week or so before Christmas, we had a snow day!! We have had a few days where snow was in the forecast but it never happened. I told my friend that I really wanted to have one good play-snow day with Edith before the baby came, because she loves snow and I wanted to have that chance! 

It felt like such a gift from God because I DID get that special day with Edith. We woke up to snow falling and Will took Edith out for her first time in the snow this season. It was snowing hard and then turned to rain but she and I got to play in it that afternoon for about an hour. It was a really sweet time!

Edith asked Israel, "Israel, have you seen snow buddy?" As if she was the big sister! Ha.

Sweet kiddos kept looking out the kitchen window ALL day and the next day they were sad that the snow was gone!

Edith and I went on our walk and some of the sidewalks were kind-of shoveled. She LOVED making snowballs and throwing them!

Some neighbors walked by and snapped a few pictures for me! Edith threw a snowball at them and said "It was me, Edith!"

I love the mischief in this girl!

We went to our back courtyard (normally I wouldn't take the kids back there because it is where we keep our trash!). Edith said "what beautiful snow! and such GIANT buildings!"

I hope we get a few more snows this year for the sake of the kiddos! We didn't take Israel out this time because it is a lot of work with him and he doesn't really like it, but hopefully we will have the energy and capacity to take him out another time this season!