Maternity Photos by Sarah Siak

It is really nice having a sister who is handy with a camera. She offered to take some maternity photos for me when we got together a week ago, and I'm so grateful that she documented them! She told me that I needed to take maternity photos now while I still have a cute bump and "before you just look fat." Love my sister! :)

So here are a few of our maternity photos! I was 30 1/2 weeks at this time.

I have to be honest... when packing for our trip I totally didn't think about the fact that Israel and Will would be in the pictures with me. So I didn't pack coordinating clothes, and I didn't even tell Will until about 2 minutes before picture time that he had to join in... in the hot sun with mosquitoes and gnats everywhere. It wasn't entirely picture-perfect behind the scenes, but who knows that, right? :) Also, this is NOT a maternity dress... I totally rock this dress in my normal life so next time you see me wearing this and I'm bump-less, remember that I had it before I was pregnant :).


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! Love you friend!

  2. So Beautiful!!! You are a glowing mommy!!

  3. I love these you look so beautiful!!


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