First Trip to Coney 2016

A few weeks ago it was a rainy morning but dry afternoon and we figured it was time to get out of the house and visit Coney Island for the first time this summer! It was still chilly so the boardwalk / Luna Park was not crowded at all. We had fun walking around, the kids rode three rides and then we headed home. Coney is only 15 minutes from us by car! 

Funny story: we decided to put the kids on this car ride pictured below without them having ridden it last year, and since no kids were on it we didn't know what it would do. When it started going it bounced up and down so hard and fast that I was afraid the kids were going to pop out!!! It was a mixture of horror/ hilarity and the kids LOVED it.

As is everyone, we are SO ready for summer. It's mid-May and still feels like spring here. We're ready to lose our jackets and play in the water this summer. Can't wait for warmer temperatures soon so we can have another great New York summer! 

PS Coney Island 2015 - first visit and with grandparents.