Bathroom Problemz

Back in early April, one Monday morning I was in the den with Edith and I thought I heard water dripping. I went into the bathroom and water was gushing out of our ceiling! We'd had a drip in our ceiling occasionally since December and kept that silver bucket on our sink. When our super came in because of the gushing water this time, he decided to peel back the ceiling to take a look... and everything fell down. It was so gross. I hadn't taken anything out of there so every single thing in the bathroom was covered in dirt, rocks, mystery water and grime. It was awful. It took two days to have it patched up and he finally came back two weeks later to seal it up again.

The super said that the pipes were old and he showed me how one of the supporting parts was corroded.

Meanwhile as the roof was falling in on Monday, I got a call from Israel's school saying he had thrown up and was running a fever and we needed to pick him up immediately. Thankfully Will could go and get him because I was literally a mess. Israel ended up being sick for 6 days, then we had a two day break before Edith was sick for 5 days!! As mentioned in a previous post, sometimes trials just really come at you and I had to remind myself that we were going to survive this and it was just a trial, even though it was a really hard two weeks!

I reallly hope we're done with plumbing problems because in a one-bathroom house it was quite limiting! It took me a long time to scrub and bleach that bathroom again but I think it ended up cleaner than before the leak started! 


  1. Falling bathroom ceilings is like a NYC apartment rite-of-passage. It's awful but it seems like it happens to everyone at some point.

  2. Hi, I'm sorry you had so much trouble but I am glad no one was in the bath when the ceiling caved in - it could have definitely been a lot worse! My sister had a terrible disaster with her bathroom once. The bath fell through the dining room ceiling while she was eating her dinner!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing


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