Daddy Dates

This is a "let me brag on my husband" post. He's really awesome. He lets me go places by myself and will take the kids when I just need a break. He's intentional about getting one-on-one time with our kids because they both have different personalities and they will really shine when they are getting special attention. So here are a few outings where my husband has taken the kiddos on "daddy dates":

The Lockyard for Hot Dogs:

Edith and Daddy at McKinley Park:

Edith and Daddy at ELK.

Israel and Daddy at ELK. 

Ok after the hype we went as a family to ELK! Love this place near Prospect Park: 
For Gotcha Day Will took the Israel on a train ride to Coney Island and they got some fries for the train ride home. The N train to Coney is above ground for most of the way, so Israel loved looking out the windows. He's obsessed with trains and this was the perfect outing for him, but we knew Edith wouldn't enjoy it as much so it was a guy outing!

I can't state enough how thankful I am for a husband who loves me and our kiddos!