Trip South for Spring Break

For Israel's Spring Break at the end of April, I traveled south with the kids to see my friend Leigh in DC and my family outside of Asheville, NC. Leigh graciously let me stay with her Sunday night and Friday night. I left after church Sunday and drove 5 straight hours without stopping! The kids were great and Edith got the ipad when there was less than an hour left in the trip - so that made me feel good that it wasn't an entirely screen time trip at that point!

I loved meeting Leigh's two kiddos - both of which came through beautiful adoption stories!

We set back on the road around 9 and made a stop at a gas station/McDonalds in rural Virginia. I saw a female mullet and 2 male ponytails. Welcome back to the south!! Both kids LOVED their happy meals and ate the entire contents. I don't think Edith has ever eaten a happy meal and she loved the prize. 

We finallllly made it right before dinner time on Monday night! The kids were great in the car and even took a brief nap both days. As soon as we got inside I grabbed my chunky little baby niece Evelyn! She was born in December when we were on our trip South! She's in the best age where she will smile at strangers!

The big cousins were so sweet with my kids and gave them lots of attention. Israel loved being in the "beep beep."

Tuesday we took the kids to the park at my sister's church. It was so nice to be in warm weather!!!

After naptime we put the kids in the kiddie pool (aka "bath") according to my kids.

Lots of snuggles from my kids and Edith began her routine of snuggling mama on the couch until she fell asleep. Then when I was ready for bed, she joined me! Every night while we were gone she did this and I'm afraid she is a bit spoiled now. She wanted to be touching me all night long.


More chunky baby time and pool time for the kiddos.

Thursday morning Elmo watching and snuggles:

I went to get my oil changed and mom and Sarah took the kids to the grocery store.

More pool time! Bubbles and waiting for the rest of the cousins to come! 

Thursday afternoon my sister Rachel came in town and later that night my brother John Mark came in! We had 4/5 siblings together plus my parents. It was so nice to have family all together. We attempted a grandkid photo and I don't think you have to guess which kids of all 9 were the rotten noncompliant ones.... yes Israel and Edith!

Sarah took Israel for school pick-up several days. Israel was pretty obsessed with being in the car and loved seeing the buses. 

Friday morning I left around 9 with the kids and we arrived back in the DC area at my friend Leigh's around 6. It was a long day!

We didn't get a lot of sleep Friday night and decided to get on the road early Saturday because I was so ready to be HOME with my husband!  We made it home without anybody falling asleep so Will and I had time to unload the car and then the kids had naps!

Other notable things from the trip:

- I got to spend an hour alone in Wal Mart!
-We ate all the food. Lots of bad food choices and I'm pretty sure my kids ate french fries at least once per day. I don't own a scale so I am glad that there's no way to know if I really did gain 10 pounds.
-I taught my sister the art of Grands frozen biscuits the way I used to make them (wish I knew where I could find them here in Brooklyn!).
- I listened to a lot of podcasts on my trip, including Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, Popcast, Mom Struggling Well, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Sexy Marriage Radio, Mystery Show, and my darling husband's sermons from Crossroads.
-Israel learned several new words, including Sarah, upstairs, and biscuit.
-Edith knows all the words/ actions of All Day with Elmo.
-Edith loved putting baby dolls in Evelyn's baby gear - there would always be dolls in her carseat and baby swing.
- The "Hidden in my heart" lullabye cd is amazing and put my kids to sleep every time in the car!!
-We watched Harry Potter. Lots of Harry Potter.

I loved having very relaxing down time with my family. It was a good week with them and even though it was mentally and physically exhausting being the sole parent (oh how we missed Daddy!) I'm glad I went.


  1. Wow! Rally good blog with some really cute faces. From your blog we came to know that both kids of your friend is adopted. It's wise to plan your family by adoption when you lose all the hope of getting a precious gift like a baby. Really nice kids you have.


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