Saturday, November 28, 2015

Brooklyn botanic garden

Friday we decided to take advantage of our ID NYC card and get two free memberships (Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Museum). We didn't explore the Brooklyn Museum but just got our memberships and left. 

We had a blast at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and we barely even explored! We can't wait to go back! 

Afterwards we ate dinner at Shake Shack! We also stopped by the mall but the Black Friday craziness was too much for us so we walked right back out.

We love days exploring our city together!


This year we hosted Thanksgiving for my neighbor Bethany, my friend from high school Mary, and our friend from church Dawn. We had three extra kids and it was a huge success!

Afterwards Mary and I went to the movies and saw the final Hunger Games! 

It was a great day and I'm really proud of the way everything turned out. It was my first Thanksgiving as an adult without my family, and my heart was full at the end of the day from spending it with friends and my little family. God is faithful!

Parent Teacher Conference

Earlier this week we had a parent-teacher conference at Israel's school. We had a roundtable discussion with his lead teacher and therapists to discuss his goals and progress. 

I thought this meeting went very well. I actually went to his school about a month ago, and we were in the height of his sleeping issues. At that time, his teachers reported that he was very distracted and lazy. They told me this week that they have seen a huge improvement in the last few weeks (since he was on the heavy sleeping pill and sleeping at night!) and he has become more focused and has made vast improvements in many of his goals. We are obviously so excited to hear this, and also thankful to see the positive correlation of sleep and Israel's progress. They said that they have not seen a kid progress so quickly in just a short span of weeks but Israel's sleeping has really skyrocketed his vocabulary and movement. He walks down the hall by himself (no need to guide his walker) exactly to the rooms he is supposed to go. He is saying new words and crawling. He loves his therapists and continues to be a very friendly kid. He loves the elevator (this is new!!) and will walk with his teachers holding only one hand so he can practice being stable. He's eating great at school but sometimes they have to refocus him to keep eating because he gets distracted. 

(Above, his classroom, below, his therapy room). 

We really love his school and are excited about his team of teachers and therapists. They are not coddling him and are pushing him to work hard. They are serious about making Israel independent, which requires hard work! I'm really thankful for his pre-k placement and excited to see about the progress he will continue to make this year. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Prospect Park Saturday Walks

For the past two Saturdays, we have taken walks around Prospect Park. The first one we just walked for about an hour, soaked in the scenery. There were so many people enjoying the weather and foliage! The kids had a banana break and I took these cute pics: 

Side note: on the way home this week we PARKED and went inside a Nathan's Hot Dog fast-food restaurant. They had an actual parking lot and we felt so suburban!

The next week we decided to get the kids out to scoot/ play around the leaves because the kids LOVE the fall leaves so much!

I mean. I know these are all iphone pictures but COME ON it is so beautiful! Prospect Park is so lovely.

We're so thankful for open spaces, large fields, so many playgrounds and beautiful views just a 20 minute drive from Bay Ridge!

Park days with Edith

Edith and I have this routine these days. After we send Israel to school we eat breakfast, watch Daniel Tiger on PBS and then head out to a park. 

Edith is a spunky girl. She's hard to keep up with and she loves to explore every inch of every place.

We bundle up on cold days!

She played with sidewalk chalk with Eila Stockton!

We loved the Narrows Botanical Garden on Shore Road. Edith explored and picked up sticks and leaves and just ran and ran. She loves being outside!

I am thankful for this girl and our routine. We are enjoying the sunshine while we still have it, even on the chilly days! And I love exploring and watching her soak in her surroundings. She's so curious and adventurous, it gives me so much joy to see life through her eyes. Give this girl a dirt patch and a stick and she will be entertained! 

Shore Road Park

It has been a BEAUTIFUL autumn and one of our favorite areas of our neighborhood is Shore Road area. There's this beautiful tree-lined, leaf-laden walkway with a view of the water right next to it. It's postcard/ movie-worthy! 

A few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon, we walked over to Shore Road and found this gorgeous walkway. 

We've been going to the Shore Road park a lot lately with the kids because there's grass and leaves and dirt (my kids are really loving those novelties these days) and the playground is this soft tile so Israel can scoot around without getting his pants ripped.

Edith and I went there a few weeks ago and met another pastor's wife and her kids! It was a gorgeous day. We've had so many beautiful fall days in the past few weeks!

Edith likes to climb up things she's too little for and give me heart attacks.

We went there a few Sundays ago and Israel was able to push himself down the slide over and over! He was so proud!

We also love the Shore Road Promenade where there are runners and roller bladers and a gorgeous view!

Basically, we love the Shore Road area of Bay Ridge. It's only a few blocks from us and we have been spending every opportunity to be outside that we can!
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