Halloween 2015

This year the kids received Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse costumes from their GaGa and Pop, which was the perfect choice for my Kickey-loving kiddos.

I'll be honest, I really wanted a cute picture of Israel with his walker, even though we knew logistically that the stroller was going to be better for the long walk we had planned. So Will humored me and we walked up and down our block for a few minutes just for these pictures :)

Edith insisted on wearing her glove, carrying her Mickey and cup. She's two, you guys. It's real.

Then we walked to Owl's Head Park where we knew that there was a big festival going on. It was kind of confusing and we just ended up walking around and leaving. Lots of cute and creative costumes!

We headed to the pier for a "reset" with the kids. It's the most calming place for them! Israel loves the water and Edith loves to run.

We walked the long way back and stopped occasionally to trick or treat when people would be standing outside.

We even saw some friends!

It was a good, long afternoon out. 


  1. I mean that striped glove was an essential bit to Edie's costume...I wouldn't have known she was Minnie without it ;o). So fun seeing you guys.


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