Shore Road Park

It has been a BEAUTIFUL autumn and one of our favorite areas of our neighborhood is Shore Road area. There's this beautiful tree-lined, leaf-laden walkway with a view of the water right next to it. It's postcard/ movie-worthy! 

A few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon, we walked over to Shore Road and found this gorgeous walkway. 

We've been going to the Shore Road park a lot lately with the kids because there's grass and leaves and dirt (my kids are really loving those novelties these days) and the playground is this soft tile so Israel can scoot around without getting his pants ripped.

Edith and I went there a few weeks ago and met another pastor's wife and her kids! It was a gorgeous day. We've had so many beautiful fall days in the past few weeks!

Edith likes to climb up things she's too little for and give me heart attacks.

We went there a few Sundays ago and Israel was able to push himself down the slide over and over! He was so proud!

We also love the Shore Road Promenade where there are runners and roller bladers and a gorgeous view!

Basically, we love the Shore Road area of Bay Ridge. It's only a few blocks from us and we have been spending every opportunity to be outside that we can!


  1. The little area where you guys are in the first two photos used to have a little Christmas tree lighting. So cute. They might still do it! I used to run down there all the time. Great pics!!

  2. I'm loving your fall pics and so glad you've been enjoying the outdoors this season! It's raining (again) today in Alabama. Seems like we haven't had fall, just rain!


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