Edith at the Prospect Zoo

We tried the Prospect Park Zoo a few months ago with both kids and it wasn't a great experience, but I thought Edith might like to go back alone so we met a friend in mid-October. She LOVED playing outside and just running around. She didn't really look at the exhibits but did enjoy touching things. She LOVED the petting zoo where people could feed animals. We came there with our friend Frauke and her son Arthur. Frauke has been in Brooklyn for several years and has two boys around the same ages as my kids! She's been a sweet new friend for me. Her son was MUCH more interested in the animals than Edith, but I'm hopeful that they become good playdate buddies!

She also loved playing in the dirt and pushing the stroller around. 

It was a nice morning out with a friend, and thankfully Edith didn't nap on the ride home and I got to have a mommy break after! And I really love my little girl and making memories with her!